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LeSean McCoy Accused Of Viciously Beating Girlfriend In Graphic Photo

Warning: The following image contains graphic content. Viewer discretion is advised.


Man Reportedly Forces Girlfriend To Walk Outside Naked For Allegedly Flirting With Other Men

Per images that captured evidence of abuse on Melo's girlfriend, the former denied any instances of physical abuse.


Watch XXXTentacion’s Disturbing Response To Domestic Abuse Allegations

"I'ma f**k y'all little sisters in they throats."


Tiny Harris’ Best Friend, Shekinah Jo Anderson, Claims She’s A Victim Of Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse is a very real thing, don't ignore the signs.


Jagged Edge’s Kyle Norman Arrested For Force Feeding His Fiancee An Engagement Ring

Remember Jagged Edge, who reigned supreme in the early 2000s with their oversized baby blue velour suits, white head bands, platinum chains and braid hang-time?


Kerry Washington Speaks Out on Financial Abuse [Video]

  The topic of domestic violence has been under a strong spotlight in the news lately, but what about financial abuse? Kerry Washington wants to…


8 Athletes Who Were Accused Of Domestic Violence

It’s the morning after a tape showing full evidence of Ray Rice’s domestic abuse surfaced, but it still stings. As it should. Reactions to the…


15 Signs That He is An Abuser

Domestic abuse is no joke, Vixens. Every few seconds a woman is being beaten and battered by a jealous husband, boyfriend, or even an…


Domestic Violence Campaign Launches With Disney Princesses

Bruised and bloodied princesses remind us of just how ugly the face of domestic violence is. Artist Saint Hoax painted an abstract perception of…


The-Dream’s Pregnant Girlfriend Releases Photos of Alleged Domestic Abuse

The-Dream is in the middle of a messy situation right now. Last week, he was wanted by the NYPD for attacking his pregnant…


Young Girl Shares Her Domestic Violence Story on Social Networks

Pictured above is a young actress/model just days before being attacked and physically abused by her boyfriend. Gabriella is an aspiring Victoria's Secret model…