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Meet The Dominican Rockers Using Punk To Call Out Police Brutality And The Prison Complex

"All forms of control and thus modern day colonialism over groups of people."


David Ortiz Speaks Out Against The Femicide Epidemic In The Dominican Republic

"Remember that we’re killing the only being, after God, that gives us life."

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Rising Artist Ozuna Basks In His Success: “I Always Knew I’d Be Big”

He spoke it into existence before he knew.


Cuban Influence Sets The Foundation For Vakeró’s New Album, ‘Mutación’

"This album for me is special, and I identify with it more than with other projects I’ve done in the past."

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Watch Wisin & Yandel Reunite In The Dominican Republic

Wisin & Yandel fans, rejoice.


NBA History: Karl-Anthony Towns Scores Huge First As Only Dominican To Rack 2,000 Points In A Season

KAT also became the youngest player to average at least 25 points and 10 rebounds per game.


Miss Rizos Loves Her Kinks And Is Encouraging Other Dominican Women To Love Theirs Too

Miss Rizos wants to get rid of negative percptions of curly hair in the Dominican Republic.


New Film ‘Cocote’ Examines Religious Strife In The Dominican Republic

A devout protestant finds himself at a crossroads after his father's murder.


Jennifer Lopez To Christen The Sands Of The Dominican Republic With First Show

Jennifer Lopez’s first show in the Dominican Republic will be held on April 15


5 Things We Learned About The Extreme Lack Of Haitian Dominicans In MLB

Out of the 82 Dominicans that made last year's Opening Day rosters, Miguel Sano was the only player to identify as Haitian Dominican. But why?


Tony Peralta’s “Second Home-Coming” Puts Dominican Pride On Full Display

Peralta affirms that like defending blackness, championing the common ground among Dominicans is also embedded in his mission.
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