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Don Lemon Opens Up About His Own Sexual Assault

Don Lemon should be commended for his bravery.


Kanye West Attempts To Clarify Comments About Slavery

He then compared himself to Nat Turner and Harriet Tubman.


Symone Sanders Leaves Don Lemon In Stitches After The CNN Anchor Tries To Discuss Omarosa

"Don, it's Black History Month. We gotta talk about Omarosa?"


L’Tanya Lemon Grimes, Sister Of CNN’s Don Lemon, Dies In Accidental Drowning

According to the Times-Picayune, Grimes passed on Wednesday (Jan. 31) after falling in the pond of her Livingston, La., neighborhood.

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Don Lemon Reportedly Contacted Authorities Over Racist Threats From White Nationalist

According to law enforcement sources, the complaint was filed as aggravated harassment but may be upped to a hate crime.


Don Lemon: “Taking A Knee Is Constitutionally Protected”

"It’s about challenging our country to extend the promise of that flag to all citizens, including the citizens whose ancestors were slaves."


Don Lemon Told A Self-Described Chunky Broadcaster She’s Beautiful

"You're a beautiful woman no matter what size you are and there's nothing wrong with having a little curve."

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Don Lemon Delivered One Of The Year’s Best Reads Against Donald Trump

The CNN anchor has gone from being traded in the ficticous racial draft to now being invited to the cookout. #Growth