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George W. Bush Speaks Out Against Bigotry And White Supremacy

Although the former president never mentioned Donald Trump's name, Bush condemened a lot of the policies Trump and his administration have put forth.


LeBron James Ponders If He’ll Ever Run For President, Discusses Racism With ‘GQ’

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson isn't the only public figure that has mulled launching a presidential campaign.


Kendrick Lamar Points Out The Difference Between Barack Obama And Donald Trump

Kendrick Lamar isn't one to bite his tongue when it comes to Donald Trump.


Madea Acts As Trump’s New Communications Director On “The Tonight Show”

"We have nothing to fear but a mad black woman in the White House."


NFL Owners To Consider Standing For National Anthem A Mandatory Rule

The report comes after Trump tweeted the league shouldn't get "massive tax breaks" if players continue to stage protests on the field.


Trump Believes He Invented The Term “Fake News,” Except He Didn’t

In an interview with friend Mike Huckabee, the president talked about the most important thing in his world–himself.


Trump Administration Dismantles Obama-Era Birth Control Coverage Rule

The mandate allows employers to deny birth control to women employees based on their religious and moral beliefs.


Apparently, Trump Wanted To Throw Cans Of Chicken At Hurricane Victims

Trump's relief effort wasn't just bad, it was really bad.
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