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Alice Marie Johnson Says She Didn’t Know Who Kim Kardashian Was

“I did not know her name, I didn’t know Kim,”


Dennis Rodman Says He’s Received Death Threats For Being Friends With Kim Jong Un

Rodman arrived in Singapore as his problematic friends met for the historic summit.


Donald Trump Wants NFL Players To Recommend Inmates That He Should Pardon

“They’re not proud enough to stand for our national anthem, I don’t like that.”


Kim Kardashian Responds To Claims Of Being Used As Trump’s “Political Pawn”

It has been quite a busy week for Kim Kardashian in the world of politics.


Trump To Pardon Muhammad Ali’s 1967 Conviction, Except It’s Already Been Overturned

The president is considering a posthumous pardon the champ who was convicted in 1967 after refusing to serve in Vietnam.


Colin Kaepernick’s Legal Team Reportedly Prepares Subpoena Against Donald Trump

Kaepernick and his legal team want to get to the root of the NFL's decision, beginning with a subpoena against Trump and his administration.


Alice Marie Johnson Reunites With Family After Prison Release

Johnson also called Kim Kardashian her "angel."


Donald Trump To Commute Alice Marie Johnson’s Life Sentence

At the time of this post, it's unclear of when Johnson will get out of jail.


Philadelphia Eagles Unbothered By Trump Disinviting Them To The White House

Many have pointed out Trump's scathing language in his statement to the team.


Donald Trump Reportedly Took Meeting With Kim Kardashian To Gain Black Supporters

Kim's plea to for Alice Marie Johnson's pardon literally fell on deaf ears.


Bill Clinton Doesn’t Think He Needs To Apologize Monica Lewinsky

“I apologized to everybody in the world.” Bill Clinton


Donald Trump Thanks Kim Kardashian For Prison Reform Meeting

"Great meeting with @KimKardashian today..."
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