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Trump Believes He Invented The Term “Fake News,” Except He Didn’t

In an interview with friend Mike Huckabee, the president talked about the most important thing in his world–himself.


Trump Administration Dismantles Obama-Era Birth Control Coverage Rule

The mandate allows employers to deny birth control to women employees based on their religious and moral beliefs.


Apparently, Trump Wanted To Throw Cans Of Chicken At Hurricane Victims

Trump's relief effort wasn't just bad, it was really bad.


Donald Trump Dismisses Puerto Rico’s Pain, Compares Casualty Rate To Hurricane Katrina

The president claimed Hurricane Maria wasn’t a “real catastrophe.”

Music News

Tina Campbell Said She Voted For Trump Because Of His Christian Beliefs

"Some of Donald Trump’s views on Christianity, honestly, is what caused me to vote for him."


Donald Trump Dedicates A Golf Trophy To Hurricane Victims

In Monday's edition of "Whose Man's Is This?"


Lin-Manuel Miranda To Donald Trump: “You’re Going Straight To Hell” For Puerto Rico Twitter Rant

The playwright responded to Trump after his twitter rant against the Mayor of San Juan.


Donald Trump Slams San Juan Mayor For Exposing His Lackluster Hurricane Relief Efforts

Trump claims the people of Puerto Rico "want everything done for them" after Hurricane Maria left millions without any resources.


Rihanna Advises President Trump To Give Puerto Rico More Attention

Rihanna tells President Trump “don’t let your people die like this,” referring to those in Puerto Rico after the devasting Hurricane Maria pillaged the island.
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