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Trump Campaign Reportedly Leverages Kanye West Support For Fundraising

Amongst many other things, the signed MAGA hat became a marketing tool, selling Trump’s campaign with and through the support of Kanye West.


Why John Legend Is Kanye West’s Real MVP

If this is the new Kanye, I don't want him. But John Legend is the kind of friend we should all strive to have and…


Kanye West Reportedly Tells HOT97’s Ebro Darden “I Love Donald Trump”

On HOT 97's "Ebro In The Morning," the titular host shared a phone conversation that he recently had with the "All Of The Lights" rapper.

Music News

Snoop Dogg Won’t Be Bashing Donald Trump Anymore

"It’s not about a negative energy."


Trump Requests Extension On Filing 2017 Tax Return

The president has reportedly moved his deadline back to Oct. 2018.


Some Food Stamp Recipients Might Have To Take Drug Tests Thanks To New Proposal

The Trump administration has been plotting on the low.


College Education For Prisoners May Come To An End In 2018

Funding for prisons to offer college and vocational programs may soon come to an end.


White House Calls Police Shootings Of African Americans A “Local Matter”

"The President is very supportive of law enforcement, these specific instances, those will be left up to the local authorities."


“Signs Of Radioactivity” Reportedly Found In Puerto Rico’s Groundwater

A power plant located in Guayama is the source of this latest development in the country's fight for clean water and restored power.


Donald Trump Says Rep. Maxine Waters Is A “Low IQ Individual”

 "She's a low IQ individual. You can't help it."
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