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Week In Tweets: June 23 - June 28, 2013Aside from sending the Internet into a frenzy by releasing our exclusive digital cover featuring Pusha T…


Lil Wayne Launches Sports Blog From Prison

Even in prison, Lil Wayne manages to be prolific.  The incarcerated rapper posted his first sports column on his website, Weezy Thanx You, in a…


Super Cuts: Tiger’s Goatee Plus 8 Other Image-Changing Athlete Makeovers

Forget the press conferences, the five-minute ESPN interview, the public apology, the Buddhist beliefs, and the rehab sessions. Here at VIBE, we forgave Tiger Woods…


Super Cuts: 8 Athletes’ Makeovers (pg. 5)

Athlete: NBA forward Ron ArtestNew Look: The name of his record label, "Tru Warier," shaved into the back of his head (above) The Reason: To…


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Athlete: NFL cornerback Tracy PorterNew Look: The Lombardi Trophy carved into the top of his head (above) The Reason: He was playing in the Super…


Super Cuts: 8 Athlete Makeovers (pg. 3)

Athlete NBA forward Carmelo AnthonyNew Look: No more braids! (above) The Reason: He lost a bet—and he wanted to promote his new barbershop in Denver.


Super Cuts: 8 Athlete Makeovers (pg. 2)

Athlete: NFL quarterback Donovan McNabbNew Look: A slightly creepy mustache (above) The Reason: Either to mock Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid and his mustache…


Michael Vick Honored With Courage Award, PETA Isn’t Happy

Michael Vick hasn't made the biggest impact as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles, but his teammates think very highly of him. According to reports,…

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Game Recognizes Game: Tell Rush Limbaugh To Get Off My (Foot)balls…

What's next, Glenn Beck being entrusted to man the halls of A.C.O.R.N.? Maybe Bill O'Reilly being handpicked to curate the social significance of hip-hop?


Philly Eagles Activate Michael Vick

The Philadelphia Eagles activated QB Michael Vick to the team's roster this week, allowing him to practice with the rest of the team a week…