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Mary J. Blige Says She Suffered From ‘Self-Hatred’

During an episode of Dr. Oz at the end of 2013, Mary J. Blige came clean about her distorted self-image and how she's coped with…


Queen Latifah TV Show Scores Highest Rating Daytime TV Premiere of the Year

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Rev. Run, Tyrese Visit Dr. Oz to Talk ‘Manology,’ Being Unfaithful

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Dr. Oz Sued After Insomnia Cure Goes Wrong

Call it a primetime medical malpractice. Dr. Oz is being sued after a viewer burned himself during an insomnia cure championed by the TV doc.


FDA Disputes Dr. Oz’s Poison Apple Juice Claims (Video)

Dr. Oz created a frenzy when he ran tests that showed that arsenic is present in apple juice. The FDA is trying to calm people…