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Romney Final Vote: The Real 47 Percent

The Romney final vote is in, and it's perfectly appropriate. Former presidential candidate MItt Romney made waves when a secret video of him surfaced, wherein…


Kid Rock And Obama: “No Hard Feelings”

Kid Rock and Barack Obama: an unlikely pairing, but one that happened this weekend. You'd think the two would run in separate circles - Obama…


Rep. Allen West Concedes Election

Republican Congressman Allen West, one of the most prominent African-American Republican leaders and a Tea Party favorite, conceded his bid for re-election in Florida Tuesday,…


Mitt Romney Blames Election Loss On Minorities

Clearly, it's going to take a while for Mitt Romney to get over his loss in last week's election. The former governor tried to explain…

Movies & TV

Vice President Joe Biden to Appear On Parks And Recreation

Vice President Joe Biden is a common topic on NBC's awesome show "Parks and Recreation." The main character Leslie Knope, played by the hilarious Amy…


Team Romney Accidentally Posts Transition Website

Poor Mitt Romney. First, he loses the presidential election, and now another embarrassment: His team accidentally posted his transition website, a placeholder that would have…


VIBE Congratulates President Barack Obama!

VIBE would like to congratulate President Obama on being re-elected. On the night of the election, President Obama made his touching winning speech saying "Tonight,…


Hair Flag Lady Nearly Upstages Obama

While much of the country tuned in to see President Obama's victory speech last night, millions were more enthralled by the woman sitting behind him.


NFL To Players: Don’t Smoke Weed!

President Obama's victory wasn't the only big news on Election Day - several states based ballot initiatives that will legalize the cultivation, sale and use…


Obama Wins the Presidential Election

It's all over folks. President Barack Obama has defeated Governor Mitt Romney, and will remain president of the United States of America.


Obama Wins Iowa – Is It A Wrap?

We're getting closer to another four years of President Barack Obama. The networks have just given critical swing state Iowa to the President - with…


Breaking: President Obama Wins Pennsylvania

The networks and NY Times have called Pennsylvania and its 20 electoral votes for President Obama. That means that Governor Romney's potential path to victory…


WWE Chairman Vince McMahon’s Wife Loses Election!

Former World Wrestling Entertainment executive Linda McMahon has been running for Senate in Connecticut for what seems like years. She's reportedly spent more than $100…


Young Jeezy Drops Election Day Track

Young Jeezy told us four years ago that his President is black and his Lambo is blue, and now he's back with another pro-Obama track…
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