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After Four Years, NYPD Moves To Discipline Officer Who Killed Eric Garner

Officer Daniel Pantaleo will reportedly be served with "departmental charges" soon.


Eric Garner’s Widow, Esaw Snipes, Speaks Out About Daughter’s Death

The family continues coping with back-to-back tragedies.


Erica Garner, Activist, Daughter Of Eric Garner Dies At 27

VIBE sends its condolences to the Garner family at this time.


Eric Garner’s Family To Receive $4 Million In Wrongful Death Case

The funds will be dispersed within the next few weeks.

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Eric Garner Chokehold Case To Get Mock Trial In New Film

"This film is about Eric Garner, but it's also about the systemic issue of the police brutality of men of color."


John Legend’s “In America” Song Invokes Hope For Real Change

John Legend's politically charged record serves as theme song to his WGN series "Underground."


Ten Years After Losing Sean Bell, Nicole Paultre-Bell Is More Than Strong… She’s Happy

There was an unexpected sting in the air on the November afternoon Nicole Paultre-Bell visited the VIBE offices. After a few days of comfortable 55,…


Justice Department Plans To Charge Officer Responsible For Death Of Eric Garner

A new development in the legal handling of Garner's death has surfaced.


Ramsey Orta, Man Who Filmed Eric Garner’s Death, Sentenced To Four Years In Prison

Authorities charge Orta with selling heroin, crack cocaine, marijuana, anti-anxiety pills and oxycodone to undercover cop.


T.I’s “Warzone” Depicts White Victims Being Killed By Black Police Officers

The powerful visual from his upcoming mixtape "Us or Else" is a direct response those who chant "All Lives Matter"
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