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Man Who Killed Neighborhood Watchman On Facebook Live Turns Himself In

Prentis Robinson was killed on his own livestream while walking home from the police department.

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Watch Esperanza Spalding Create Her New Album Live, Right Now

“The necessity to keep going because it’s live draws up another depth of creative facility that can’t be reached when you know you can try…


Facebook Announces Plan To Hire 3,000 People To Scan Violent Content On Live Feature

To combat this wave of despair, the Associated Press reports that Facebook will hire 3,000 people to scan or review seemingly problematic posts.


Rev. Jesse Jackson Calls For A Temporary Shut Down Of Facebook Live

After the shooting of 74-year-old Robert Goodwin Snr., the civil rights activist is asking Facebook to put a hold on its Facebook Live feature.


Miami Teen Commits Suicide On Facebook Live

The Florida Department of Children & Families cannot offer any reasoning why 14-year-old took her own life and decided to broadcast it.


President Barack Obama Weighs In On Disturbing Facebook Live Video

In an interview with CBS Chicago, the commander-in-chief referred to the video as "despicable."


Tennessee Man Praised For Rescuing Toddler Wandering Streets At 3 A.M.

Soloman Jones scolded the absent parents on Facebook Live after finding the toddler in tears in the middle of Deumaine Place.


No Panty Rap Crew On Latino Erasure In Hip-Hop, Voting, Stop-And-Frisk & More

It's a No Panty party at the VIBE headquarters.


Rihanna Gives Drunken Interview On Facebook Live

Rihanna spoke with TV's Andy Cohen today on Facebook Live, and she dished dirt on all aspects of her life - her relationship with Chris…