Family Matters


Yes, They’re Classics, But Let’s Leave The ’90s Black Sitcoms Where They Were

"Look, and I say this with all love in my heart, beloveds: please stop touching our sacred things."

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Jaimee Foxworth: ‘Family Matters’ Cast Member Fumes Over Lack Of Invitation To Reunion

Jaimee Foxworth feels snubbed for not being included in the 'Family Matters' reunion with 'Entertainment Weekly.'

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Jaleel White Pays Homage To TV Girlfriend, Michelle Thomas, After ‘Family Matters’ Cast Reunion

The 40-year-old actor also addressed a rumored Netflix reboot.

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Chance The Rapper Will Show Just How Much “Family Matters” With His New Tour

Get your coins together for the Chi-Town artist's brand new collaborative tour.


Key & Peele’s ‘Family Matters’ Sketch Will Leave You Crying

Did Key & Peele just do that? Beloved '90s sitcom Family Matters returns in a brilliant new sketch from the comedic duo based…


The Best TV Show Theme Songs of All Time

If we asked a room full of 100 people to finish "In West Philadelphia born and raised...," they would do it without missing a…


15 ’90s Sitcoms That Need a Televised Reunion 

Television during the '90s was dominated by hit shows with African American stars. The actors knew how to effortlessly make viewers laugh, cry,…

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Former Family Matters Actress Wants To Do Playboy

"Judy," the mysterious missing little sister went on to do porn later in life. Nowadays, Cherie Johnson, who played Laura Winslow's best friend Maxine, is…


Tia’s Top Five Sitcoms: 2. Family Matters

This is another show that was full on funny, hilarious. You had Steve Urkel, the nerdy guy who brought in the jokes and loved Laura.


Top 10 Best Black Family Sitcoms (Pg. 2)

7. Everybody Hates Chris…

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VIBE Sneak Peak: Karrine Steffans ‘Life After’ [VIDEO]

She was born Karrine Steffans, christened herself a Video Vixen and was dubbed 'Superhead' by many of the rappers she had dalliances with on her…


Child Star Jaimee Foxworth Gets Restraining Order Against Boyfriend

Former Family Matters actress Jaimee Foxworth has been granted a restraining order against her allegedly abusive boyfriend.


How Did Family Matters’s Judy End Up In Porn?

Since vanishing from under Carl Winslow's roof as youngest child Judy, Jaimee Foxworth has done quite the maturing. The actress resurfaced years later, making her…