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Reality TV Recap: Fantasia Gets Sexy; Real & Chance Tackle A Hogasaurus

Fantasia For Real Fantasia shot her video for "Bittersweet," which involved a racy scene that featured Devon Thomas (Washington Redskins Receiver). Tasia said…

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Fantasia Gives The Drama A Rest And Talks Reality Show & New Album

Fantasia just completed an intense media tour, which included her own VH1 Behind The Music, and appearances on television—Good Morning America, Lopez Tonight, The Wendy…

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‘Fantasia For Real’: Season 2 Sneak Peak Extended Trailer [VIDEO]

She’s battled the controversies and naysayers and now Fantasia Barrino is back for season two of her reality show, Fantasia For Real. Her show premiere…

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Fantasia Speaks: How ‘The Shade Issue’ Affected Her Press Coverage

Prior to her suicide attempt Fantasia Barrino naturally faced a barrage of negative press surrounding her affair with Antwaun Cook and the lawsuit his wife…