Donald Trump Fires FBI Director James Comey

Comey was appointed by Barack Obama in 2013.


FBI Director Wants The Justice Department To Debunk Trump’s Wiretap Claims Against Obama

With no evidence to support his claims, President Donald Trump is still eager to pin a crime on Barack Obama.


Twitter Gives FBI The Biggest Side Eye After #MLKDay Tweet

The FBI's mentions are in shambles.


FBI Attaches Man Suspected Of Killing Four People In L.A. To Most Wanted List

Authorities add that Jones remains on the run to steer clear of prosecution.


Judge To FBI Agent: “Keep Tabs On My Wife And I’ll Spot You A Couple Of Brews”

The North Carolina judge was found guilty and now faces 37 years in prison.


The FBI’s 1999 File On The Wu-Tang Clan Reveals An Extensive List Of Allegations

See the documents filed by government officials in their attempt to dismantle Wu-Tang Clan.


FBI Investigating The Death of A Black Man Found Hanging From A Tree In Mississippi

Local authorities and the FBI are investing the suspicious death of an African-American Mississippi man found hanging from a tree.


Insane Clown Posse Files Lawsuit Against F.B.I.

It looks like The Insane Clown Posse and street gangs aren't that different after all, at least not in the eyes of the FBI.


FBI Releases Photos Of Boston Bombing Suspects

The FBI released photos Thursday (April 18) afternoon of two men they believe are suspects in the bombings at the Boston Marathon.


Whitney Houston FBI Files Show “Crazy Fans” Plagued The Pop Star

The FBI has released Whitney Houston's protection files, and it's clear the deceased songstress had some strange fans.


Father of Terror Suspect Claims FBI “Brainwashed” His Son

The father of an Oregon terror suspect says his then-teenage son suffered an identity crisis after the FBI brainwashed him.


Die Hard Director Faces Prison Time for Lying

Things aren't looking good for "Die Hard" director John McTiernan. The Supreme Court just rejected the 62-year-old's appeal on charges that he lied to the…


Kris Humphries Calls FBI Against Girlfriend

Befuddled relationships seem to be a never-ending trend for Kris Humphries. He earned the title as Kim Kardashian's ex-husband after being married for…