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Bill O’Reilly Labels Beyonce a Bad Role Model

One thing's certain--Bill O'Reilly is not a BeyHive enthusiast. Yesterday (Mar. 11), the controversial Fox News Anchor criticized Mrs. Carter for…


Nicki Minaj: A Brief History Of Feminism

There's no singular way to define feminism. Sometimes the fight for gender equality is perfectly packaged into a surprise album about being a grown ass…


Motherhood Made Alicia Keys a Feminist

  Would you consider Alicia Keys a feminist? During an interview with MSN's Wonderwall, she dished on motherhood and how it's helped her…


Beyonce Tackles ‘Gender Equality Myth’ with Essay

Beyonce's take on feminist issues in recent years is not only reflected in her music, but her words outside the booth as well.


Bloomberg’s “I’m A Girl” Campaign

We live in a society where the female body is constantly under a microscope, 1-4% of young women suffer from eating disorders, and…
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