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Dressed To Kill: Karrueche’s Feb/March 2013 VIBE Shoot

Dressed To Kill As Chris Brown’s once muted arm candy grabs hold of his fashion pet project, the limelight will only shine brighter. Quiet…


Twitter 100: Which Celebrity Has The Most Regrettable Tattoo?

Each issue, VIBE polls 100 people on Twitter and posts the results in the magazine. Check out the top 10 responses from the April/May 2011…


VIBE Feb/March Cover Story: B.o.B

BOBBY RAY SIMMONS, AKA B.O.B, looks around the photo studio like someone trying to put a name to a face. He grabs a…


VIBE Feb/March Cover Story: B.o.B (Pg. 3)

 While Adventures of Bobby Ray is not as un-urban as when Andre 3000 decides to sing, it’s still a straightforward hip-pop record—the arrangements, the soft…