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Gabrielle Union Reveals The Name Of Her Baby Girl

The newest member of the Wade household also has 102 cute nicknames to boot.

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Gabrielle Union Responds To Fan’s Request For A ‘Bring It On’ Remake

Social media user @ItsHippyPotter announced the idea on Twitter and suggested that fellow actress Ryan Destiny also have a co-starring role.

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Gabrielle Union Talks To Stepsons About Appreciating Dark-Skinned Women

"They have to have somebody else tell them that a chocolate woman is attractive for them to believe it."


Gabrielle Union Addresses Reports Of A “Feud” With Jada Pinkett Smith

Around talk of Gabrielle Union’s latest film, 'Breaking In,' she addressed Jada Pinkett Smith’s recent announcement about the end of their “feud.”…

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Gabrielle Union Talks Super Mom Role At ‘Breaking In’ Premiere

Gabrielle Union plays a fierce mother in 'Breaking In.'


Gabrielle Union On Bill Cosby Verdict: “The Day Of Reckoning Is Upon Us”

Cosby's sentencing can land him in prison for up to 10 years.

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Gabrielle Union Is A Bad A** Mom On A Mission In New ‘Breaking In’ Movie Trailer

The actress is set to star in a new forthcoming thriller.

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Gabrielle Union Says It Took White Women’s Sexual Assault Stories For People To Take The Matter Seriously

The actress suggests that it took white women's pain for everyone to realize the severity of the situation.


Hip-Hop Made Sure Atlanta Continued Their Tradition Of Black Mayors By Backing Keisha Bottoms

Bottoms also had the support of peers Maxine Waters, Cory Booker and Kamala Harris.


Gabrielle Union Further Clarifies Comments On Sexual Reciprocity

She said her infamous comments on 'Sway In The Morning' were taken out of context.
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