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President Obama Might Make A National Monument Honoring The Gay Rights Movement

A new monument might be on the horizon to commemorate the gay rights movement.


Lady Gaga Makes Public Return, Sings National Anthem At Gay Pride Rally In NY (Video)

Since staying out of the spotlight after cancelling her Born This Way ball and recuperating from a hip surgery in February, the Mother…


30 Twitter Reactions To The Supreme Court’s Historic Rulings On Voting And Gay Marriage Rights

Consider this one leap forward and another leap back for mankind. The Supreme Court smacked down the gavel on two historic rulings that affect the…


NFL May Draft Its First Openly Gay Player

Middle Tennessee State graduate Alan Gendreau could be the first openly gay player in NFL history if he is picked up in this year’s draft.


Active NFL Player Considers “Coming Out”?'s Mike Freeman wrote Monday (March 25th) that he was told a current gay NFL player is considering coming out publicly. The plan would be…


Panelists Analyze The State Of Gay Marriage Debate

George Will, a conservative panelist on ABC News This Week, made striking remarks about the nation's increasing support for same-sex marriages on Sunday (Dec. 9),…

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WATCH: Morgan Freeman Narrate A Same-Sex Ad

Legendary screen actor Morgan Freeman has lent his signature voice to documentaries, audiobooks and even the Obama campaign. Now, his voice will appear in a…


Uganda Promises “Kill The Gays” Bill As “Christmas Present”

Uganda's controversial "kill the gays" bill is on track to be passed by the end of the year. The bill would make homosexuality a crime…


Breaking! President Obama Officially Supports Same-Sex Marriage

President Barack Obama is taking his campaign phrase "Change" and really taking it to the next level. For the first time in presidential history, the…