George W. Bush


George W. Bush Reportedly Referred To Donald Trump’s Inauguration As “Some Weird S**t”

The former president reportedly found Trump's inauguration bizarre.


George W. Bush Gushes About His “Genuine” Bond With Michelle Obama

Yes, Michelle Obama and George W. Bush are actually friends.


Donald Trump Holds Record For Least Popular President

Where's Kellyanne Conway with the alternative facts to dispute this.


George W. Bush Reacts To Body Double In Kanye West’s ‘Famous’ Video

George W. Bush wants credit for his banging bod.


George W. Bush Says It’s ‘Hard To Understand’ Grand Jury’s Decision In Eric Garner’s Case

Former President George W. Bush has recently weighed in on the recent grand jury decision not to indict a NYPD officer who was…


The 5 Best Kanye West Rants Ever

This week Kanye West released his sixth solo LP Yeezus, but the Chicago-bred rapper's rise to rap holiness hasn't been all that angelic. VIBE…

Movies & TV

Artist Butcher Billy Reinvents Supervillains Using Real-Life Evildoers

While folks discuss the effects of movies and videogames on our society, illustrator Butcher Billy uses his skill to paint a reflection of the times…


Bush Family Emails Hacked; Personal Photos Exposed

The Bushs are the latest public figures to fall victim to online hacking. Private information was revealed about the families of both former U.S. Presidents…


George P. Bush Planning To Run For State Office

The nephew of former President George W. is taking up the family hustle.


Spike Lee Continues To Question George W. Bush For Katrina Disaster

Speaking from his heart, filmmaker Spike Lee received a Peabody Award this past Monday for his post-Katrina documentary "If God Is Willing and da Creek…


V Politics: Is Van Jones Obama’s First Black Eye?

"On the eve of historic fights for health care and clean energy, opponents of reform have mounted a vicious smear campaign against me. They are…