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Sybrina Fulton: Still Healing. Still Standing. Still Marching… Until Justice For All

African-Americans and law enforcement in the United States have long had a volatile relationship. Habitual is too diminutive, but the most accurate word to describe…


George Zimmerman’s Twitter Account Was Suspended For Allegedly Exploiting His Ex-Girlfriend

George Zimmerman's Twitter account was suspended after posting semi-nude photos of his ex-girlfriend and her personal contact information.


George Zimmerman Is Painting Confederate Flags To Raise Money

"Labeling everyone and anyone that has a Confederate flag as a racist is just not right,”


George Zimmerman Says He’s Homeless And Suffers From PTSD

George Zimmerman, who was acquitted for killing Trayvon Martin in 2012, now says he's homeless and is $2 million in debt.


George Zimmerman Involved In Florida Shooting

No one man should have all these incidents.


George Zimmerman Calls Trayvon Martin Shooting Divine Order

Three years after the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman is professing the death of Trayvon Matin was God's plan and is pointing the…


Melissa Harris-Perry Hopes Trayvon Martin Put Up A Good Fight In His Last Moments

Although Trayvon Martin ultimately lost his life, Melissa Harris-Perry hopes he "whooped the sh*t out of Zimmerman."


Are We Surprised? George Zimmerman Arrested for Domestic Violence

This guy can't seem to keep his name out of the headlines. Via TMZ, George Zimmerman was arrested and given a $5,000 bond on…


Shocker? Not Really: George Zimmerman Arrested For Aggravated Assault

Today in "we all saw this coming" news……


Former George Zimmerman Supporter Says Trayvon Martin Was Profiled Due To Race

Former George Zimmerman supporter Frank Taaffe testified before a Grand Jury Wednesday (Nov. 12) to disclose a racially charged conversation he had with…


Trayvon Martin’s Father Offers Advice To Michael Brown’s Family

If there's one person who can sympathize with Michael Brown's family, it's Trayvon Martin's father, Tracy. As the country continues to wrestle with…


George Zimmerman’s Biggest Supporter Frank Taaffe Now Says He’s Guilty

George Zimmerman's best friend and fellow neighborhood watch, Frank Taaffe, is now seeking justice for Trayvon Martin. If you remember he was a…


George Zimmerman Signs Autographs at Florida Gun Show

Apparently, killing an unarmed teenager makes you a celebrity these days. George Zimmerman spent his Saturday (Mar. 8) signing autographs and posing for…


George Zimmerman Sticks To His ‘I Was The Victim’ Story On ‘CNN New Day’

Even though he is a free man (much to the general public's chagrin), George Zimmerman insists on convincing us all that he was…


DMX vs. George Zimmerman Boxing Match Cancelled

Controversial boxing promoter Damon Feldman has reportedly cancelled the "Celebrity Boxing Match" between rapper DMX and George Zimmerman. Feldman created a stir amongst…
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