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Geraldo Rivera Attempts To Undermine Power Of Hip-Hop Using Kendrick Lamar As Scapegoat

“Nobody’s more street than me, no big time reporter has seen more ghetto violence - urban violence than me.”…


Protester To Geraldo Rivera: ‘I Want You And Fox News To Get Out Of Baltimore’

This Baltimore protester had it up to HERE with Fox News and their "reporting." Watch as he confronts Geraldo Rivera and demands he leave the city.


Geraldo Rivera Blames Tequila For Revealing ‘Selfie’

Geraldo Rivera pulled a Jamie Foxx and blamed alcohol for his half-naked "selfie" on Twitter. In an interview with Scott & Todd on 95.5 PLJ…


Geraldo Rivera And 10 Other Awkward Celebrity Selfies

Geraldo Rivera's selfie showed the world a different side of the famed news anchor, after he released the semi-nude snapshot via his Twitter account over…


Geraldo Rivera Snaps Semi-Nude ‘Selfie’

Age ain't nothin' but a number and Geraldo Rivera isn't shy about flaunting his. The well-known TV personality took to Twitter over the weekend to…