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Tank Calls Ginuwine’s ‘Big Brother’ Trans Scandal “Fake News”

The singer isn't here for slander against his TGT brother.


Ginuwine And Tank Didn’t Appreciate Tyrese’s Comments About TGT

Looks like TGT fans will just have to find a hobby because this album isn't happening anytime soon.


Twitter’s Thirst-O-Meters Were All The Way Up For Ginuwine’s Leaked Pictures

Looks like Twitter could use a glass of cold water.


Tank Further Explains TGT’s Break Up Over Monetary Differences

In a series of Instagram posts, Tank aims his frustration at Tyrese over TGT's break up.


Tyrese Reveals That TGT Is Over, Ginuwine Responds

It looks like one of R&B's supergroups is calling it quits.


Is Ginuwine Bankrupt And Divorcing? The Singer Clears The Air

In the book of finances, Ginuwine is reportedly approaching the dreaded Chapter 11. According to the R&B singer’s lawyer, he’s "very close to declaring bankruptcy."


Ginuwine Addresses Being Broke and Divorce via Instagram

Ginuwine—real name Elgin Baylor Lumpkin—rarely talks about his personal situations but in light of these bankruptcy and divorce rumors, he has much to say.


Happy Birthday Ginuwine and Eric Benét: 5 Things They Have in Common

Happy Birthday to both Ginuwine and Eric Benét.  Eric Benét turns 47-years-old today and Ginuwine turns 43-years-old, but they're both looking as young as…


20 RnB Songs We Don’t Want Our Parents to Sing

Some R&B isn’t very easy on the ears. You know, the songs that you have to turn off when the kids come around or…


Gentlemen’s Corner: Tank Talks ‘Stronger,’ Sexting and Deal Breakers

Two things are certain when it comes to Tank-- ladies love him and men appreciate his music.  In addition to crafting chart…


Vixen Boombox: Tank ‘You’re My Star’

Tank is getting upbeat to profess his love for his lady. On the eve of Spring, 1/3 of TGT releases his…


Teyana Taylor Does the ‘Ginuwine Grind’ [Video]

  The 90's birthed a myriad of dance crazes, but none were quite as scandalous as Ginuwine's…


VIBE Vixen and TGT Listening Party [Photos]

TGT had the twitter world on fire last night (August 19). VIBE Vixen—along with singers Tyrese, Ginuwine, and Tank— hosted a  live streaming session…


UStream: TGT Pre-Album Live Streaming

Watch TGT preview their album 3 Kings with VIBE Vixen here.
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