The Swindle: Group Facing Jail Time After Making $400K Off Fake GoFundMe Campaign

A New Jersey couple and an alleged homeless man fooled the nation with a heartwarming story rooted in greed.


Melyssa Ford Shares Update After Near-Fatal Car Accident

The media personality has spoken out for the first time since a near-fatal car accident left her with a fractured skull among other injuries.


Azealia Banks Sets Up GoFundMe To Sue Russell Crowe For 2016 Attack

"So many things like this happen in the entertainment industry..."

Music News

Vince Staples’ GoFundMe Retirement Campaign Is Promo For New Song

"Get The F**k Off My D**k" will be available soon.

Music News

Vince Staples Makes Retirement GoFundMe Page To ‘Shut the F**k Up Forever’

"You will never hear from me again: no songs, no interviews, no nothing."

Movies & TV

#BlackPantherChallenge Inspires Nationwide Initiative For Kids To Watch ‘Black Panther’

After a highly successful campaign in the New York City area, the #BlackPantherChallenge is enlisting help for kids to watch 'Black Panther' nationwide. 


Campaign Goes Viral After Harlem Native Launches “Black Panther” GoFundMe Page

The goal was originally $10,000, but after a few celebrity RTs, the Go Fund Me is now at $30,000.


Woman Accidentally Burns Down Home In An Attempt To Kill Bed Bugs

A group of brothers, who also lost everything in the fire, have started a GoFundMe.


Homeless College Student Addresses GoFundMe Dispute: “I Have Not Lied To Any Of You, Nor Will I”

The college student is choosing to walk in love, no matter the outcome.


GoFundMe Shuts Down Campaign For Officer Charged With Murder of Walter L. Scott

According to GoFundMe's communication department, the campaign was taken down due to violations of the site's terms and conditions.