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Filmmaker Martin Scorsese Considers Retirement

For the past fifty years, filmmaker Martin Scorsese has given movie fans classic cinematic offering — and that's not even mentioning the various other projects…


Sequels That Never Happened But We (Really) Wish They Did

Movies are a girls best friend. For 2+ hours we escape reality and fall into the storylines that make our life seem a little less…


‘Goodfellas’ Mob Snitch ‘Henry Hill’ Dies at Age 69

One of the most infamous snitches in Mob history has passed away.

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AMC Gears up For ‘Goodfellas’ TV Show

AMC may be adding Goodfellas to its TV show line up. Deadline reports that the cable network, already home to shows like Mad Men and…

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Jay Hernandez On ‘Takers’ v. ‘Ocean’s Eleven:’ Those Old Guys Can’t Keep Up’

The film comparisons are unavoidable. Some people are calling Takers a multiculti Ocean’s Eleven for the 21st century. And because both films are sleek and smart…