Freida Pinto: Sexier With Age!

Everything about Freida Pinto is enticing; just watch Bruno Mars's video "Gorilla" and you'll agree. The beautiful actress was first introduced to us in her…


Vixen Verified: ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ Actress Freida Pinto Plays Stripper in Bruno Mars’ ‘Gorilla’ [Video]

The stripper craze continues its Hollywood takeover; this time capturing A-list actress Freida Pinto for Bruno Mars' "Gorilla" visuals. Bruno plays a strip…


New Video: Bruno Mars ‘Gorilla’

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Bruno Mars Teases ‘Gorilla’ Video With Neon Lights, An Iguana And Luis Guzman

Bruno Mars is prepping "Gorilla" as the next single from his wildly successful Unorthodox Jukebox set, and in anticipation of the video’s premiere on Monday,…


Albino Gorilla: Inbreeding Caused Albino Gorilla Coat Color

The albino gorilla, Snowflake, has become an internet sensation due to its unique color. But how did Snowflake become an albino gorilla?


World’s Rarest Gorilla Captured on Film

Kanye isn't the only one with rare photos.