Government Shutdown


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Congressional Black Caucus Not Happy With Deal To End Government Shutdown

They argue it does nothing to address DACA, disaster relief or children’s healthcare.


Government Reaches Temporary Federal Funding Agreement While DACA Recipients Await Verdict

Feb. 8 is the new deadline for Republicans and Democrats to reach a consensus on DACA.


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“That’s just the way it goes,” Christie said. “Run for governor, and you can have a residence there.”…


Stacey Dash on Voting for Obama in 2008: ‘My Choice Was…Because He Was Black’

If there's one celebrity you can always count on for honesty, it's Stacey Dash. In case you needed anymore convincing that the Republican…


21 Funny And Angry Tweets About The Government Shutdown

Seventeen years ago, America encountered a government shutdown under former President Bill Clinton’s administration. Today (Oct. 1) marks the 17th time the country has entered…