Grammys 2018

Music News

Grammy Awards Nominees To Increase From 5 To 8 In Select Categories

The Grammy Awards has decided to turn up the competition.


Gladys Knight Attributes Her Ageless Beauty To Good Genes And Clean Living…Nothing Else

"I feel like I won a medal. Your compliments keep me young."


Interview: Logic Opens Up About Rousing Grammys Performance & Spreading Positivity

"I’m not Tupac, or this prophetic dude or anything like that, I just want to make music and have fun."


Celebrities Audition With “Fire And Fury” Amid 60th Annual Grammys

Celebrities were asked to read a few passages from Michael Wolff’s controversial new book Fire and Fury: Inside The Trump White House.


From Charity To Wearable Tech, The 2018 Grammys’ Swag Bags Left No Stone Unturned

A quick look at the trinkets going into this year's Grammy Awards gift bags.


The Evolution Of Hov: Revisiting JAY-Z’s Iconic ‘VIBE’ Covers

In honor of our latest cover, we took a trip back into time.


20 Rap Albums That Should’ve Been Nominated For A Grammy

We looked back at some of 2017's best rap albums.


Kendrick Lamar Will Perform At The 60th Annual Grammy Awards

Kendrick Lamar plans to experience an eventful night in the Concrete Jungle on Jan. 28.


Ray Romulus Of The Stereotypes Talks Grammys, Working With Bruno Mars & R&B’s Bright Future

The producer and songwriter shares the importance of tunnel vision and cultivating R&B's most danceable tracks.


Taraji P. Henson Likens Childish Gambino To Prince: “He’s Reminiscent To All Genres”

The actress gushed about Gambino's music at Billboard's Women In Music event Thursday (Nov. 30.)


VIBE Editor-In-Chief Corrects Fox News’ Interpretation Of JAY-Z & Kendrick Lamar Lyrics

"You have to take in the whole project, not bits and pieces that work into your agenda," Thomas to Ingraham.