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Meet Bekon Producer Behind Kendrick Lamar’s Grammy Award Winning ‘DAMN.’ Album

The man who doesn't get always get his proper credit speaks out.


A Jeweler Accuses Quavo Of Assault And Robbery At Grammy After Party

We hope this isn't as bad as it sounds.


Why Kendrick Lamar’s 2018 Grammy Takeover Is Well-Deserved

Kendrick Lamar saw this coming before it happened.

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Here’s Proof That Blue Ivy Carter Runs Her Household

Check out these adorable pics of Beyonce and JAY-Z's eldest child.


Opinion: Wearing All Black And White Roses Is Not Enough

Protests are not meant to be safe.


From Charity To Wearable Tech, The 2018 Grammys’ Swag Bags Left No Stone Unturned

A quick look at the trinkets going into this year's Grammy Awards gift bags.


Interview: “Bodak Yellow” Producer J. White Opens Up About Suicide Attempts, Celebrates Grammy Nomination

J. White, the producer behind Cardi B's "Bodak Yellow," talks the song's creation and contemplating suicide.

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Grammys 2018: Kendrick Lamar, Bruno Mars And More Win On Music’s Biggest Night

Here are the winners who left Madison Square Garden with a new accolade.


Cardi B Dazzles At Warner Music Group’s Star-Studded Pre-Grammy Party

The Bronx star is getting ready to rip the Grammy stage to shreds.


20 Rap Albums That Should’ve Been Nominated For A Grammy

We looked back at some of 2017's best rap albums.


Grammys 2018: 10 Voices Who Should Have Been Nominated For ‘Best New Artist’

No shade to the nominated artists, but these artists are fire, too.


The State Of Today’s R&B According To The 2018 Grammy Nominations

This year, the R&B genre had one of its most complexing years trying to maintain its authenticity, integrity, and esteem in the mainstream circuit.

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JAY-Z Reportedly Says No To Performing At 2018 Grammys

The rapper is still expected to attend music's business night, as he's been nominated for eight awards.

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Q-Tip Says “F” The Grammys After ACTQ’s Snub

The rapper responded to A Tribe Called Quest's latest album not being nominated for a single Grammy.
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