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Off-Duty Cop Murdered By Suspect Disguised As Police Officer

On Thursday (Mar. 28), Phillip Meacham, an off-duty officer, was shot and killed in Hopkinsville, Ky. According to WTVF, the suspect impersonated a cop, attempted…


Pennsylvania Church Holds Bizarre ‘Gun Commitment’ Ceremony

Attendees were encouraged to bring AR-15 rifles, the same assault weapon used in the Parkland school shooting.


Protecting Your Assets: Would You Strap a Gun to Your Bra?

Gun laws may be a controversial topic in legislation, but according to a statistic from NBC, 65 percent of women support stricter gun laws. With…


Snoop Dogg’s “No Guns Allowed” Inspires Anti-Gun Initiative

Four people are killed every hour by firearms. Snoop Dogg aka Snoop Lion is trying to get guns off the streets. His reggae-tinged track "No…


5 People Shot By Accident at Gun Shows in One Day

As America continues to debate stricter guns laws following the devastating Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting last December, Saturday wasn't exactly a victory for pro-gun…


Beyonce, Jamie Foxx Demand an End to Gun Violence in Wake of Sandy Hook Shooting

Beyonce, Jamie Foxx and several other A-list names lend their mug and voice in a call to action against gun violence. The "Run the World…


Why President Obama Should Handle Gun Law Reform Sooner Rather Than Later

The tragedy that unfolded in Newtown, Connecticut shook America to its core. When 20-year-old Adam Lanza went on a shooting spree at Sandy Hook Elementary…


Seinfeld Star Jason Alexander Causes Firestorm After Gun Law Comments

With the recent Colorado shooting still heavy on people's minds, everyone is forming their opinions on everything from the shooter's mental state to the gun…


NYC’s Mayor Bloomberg Wants Stricter Federal Gun Laws

Mayor Bloomberg wants the federal government to enforce more stringent gun control laws to address firearm-related violence in New York City. The legislation Bloomberg is…