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Mother Of Mario Woods On San Francisco Police: ‘They Executed My Son’

Mother of slain victim, Gwen Woods speaks out about her son's death.


Hillary Clinton Touches Hearts Of Family Members Victimized By Gun Violence

Hillary Clinton is continuing to make her rounds during her presidential race to the White House but her latest trip to Chicago healed the hearts of…


Chance The Rapper Says President Obama ‘Achieved A Lot’ In Regards To Racial Tension

Chance The Rapper weighs in on racial tensions and President Obama's actions  


Nas Lends A Helping Hand To Shed Light On Gun Violence In ‘Chicago Love’ Documentary

The gun violence in Chicago, Ill. is still rocking the nation with alarming injury and death records, but a couple of documentarians are taking a…


Orlando Jones Creates the ‘Bullet Bucket Challenge’

Vixens, we are all for equality and making a statement, but some things are just plain weird. Actor Orlando Jones is attempting to start…


Chance The Rapper Helped Halt Chicago Violence For Almost Two Days

For almost two days, Chicago was a safer place with a little help from Chance The Rapper. When his father asked him and his brother…


Maryland Shooting Leaves 3 Dead, Katy Perry Calls For End To Violence

A tragic shooting in Maryland rounds out a violent week in shootings across the country. A gunman armed with sizable ammunition shot and killed two…


Chicago Gun Violence Explodes Over July 4 Weekend (Video)

Chicago gun violence is on the rise, and the holiday weekend was one of the deadliest yet.


Memorial Day Weekend Violence in Chicago Leaves Six People Dead

Tragic violence rang through the streets of Chicago this Memorial Day weekend. Six people were left dead and at least 12 others injured in shootings…


LISTEN: Wylcef Jean’s New Song, ‘Bang Bang Bang,’ Is About Chicago Murder Rate

Wyclef Jean tackles Chicago's record murder rate on his new acoustic jam "Bang Bang Bang."


Snoop Dogg’s “No Guns Allowed” Inspires Anti-Gun Initiative

Four people are killed every hour by firearms. Snoop Dogg aka Snoop Lion is trying to get guns off the streets. His reggae-tinged track "No…


Grassroots Organization Pens Open Letter to Snoop Lion

A national grassroots group, the League of Young Voters, has written an open letter to Snoop Lion in support of the message on his single…


12 People Shot In Six Hours In Chicago

There seems to be no end in sight for the deadly string of shootings in the city of Chicago. Following the tragic death of six-month-old…


Beyonce, Jamie Foxx Demand an End to Gun Violence in Wake of Sandy Hook Shooting

Beyonce, Jamie Foxx and several other A-list names lend their mug and voice in a call to action against gun violence. The "Run the World…


Today In Blank Stare News: Police Were Busy Daggering During Violent Labor Day Weekend In NYC

Remember when news surfaced about the extreme gun violence that took place in New York City during Labor Day Weekend? Looks like some of New…
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