President Barack Obama Thinks Sony Made A Mistake By Pulling ‘The Interview’ From Theaters

President Barack Obama thinks Sony Pictures Entertainment made a grave mistake by pulling their controversial film, The Interview, from theaters ahead of its Christmas day…


Rihanna Becomes Latest Swatting Victim

What does Chris Brown, Rihanna and Diddy have in common? Falling victims to the same dangerous prank.


Celebrity Hackers Say They’re Behind Swatting Pranks

The hackers responsible for spewing out the financial records of big-named stars like Jay-Z, Beyonce and Hillary Clinton now claim they're behind the swatting pranks.


Hackers Release Financial Records For Jay-Z, Beyonce, Hillary Clinton

According to the documents hosted on Exposed.su, America's finest had their financial records, social security and property exposed on the World Wide Web.


Burger King Twitter Account Attacked By Hackers

Hackers wanted it their way as they took over Burger King's Twitter account on Monday. Full details after the break.

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TV Station Hacker Warns of Zombies in Montana

While the zombie apocalypse has only happened on AMC, a few thousand people in Great Falls, Montana are hoping to be forgiven because they thought…


250,000 Twitter Accounts #Hacked

Did you receive a message from the Twitter Team last night? If so, you may be among the 250,000 users that were recently targeted by…

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Hackers Breach Credit Card Information At 63 Barnes & Noble Stores

Buyers beware as hackers have stolen credit card information for customers who shopped as recently as last month at 63 Barnes & Noble stores across…