Oilers Head Coach Fired Via Skype

According to reports, the Edmonton Oilers head coach Ralph Krueger took a Skype call that changed his career forever.


The 5 Scenes Of Miguel’s Billboard Awards ‘Leg Slam’

The 2013 Billboard Awards had its fair share of rewindable moments, but none can match the sheer epicness of Miguel's crotch dive into 2 fans.


4 Reasons Why You Should NOT Take Him Home for the Holidays

The holidays are in full swing, and it’s quite possible that you’ll be visiting fam with your boyfriend or significant other in tow for the…


Mike D’antoni Hired As Lakers Head Coach

Amidst rumors of the Los Angeles Lakers tapping Phil Jackson as head coach along with Scottie Pippen for assistant, the franchise debunked them by announcing…

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Head Injury Forces Kristin Chenoweth to Leave ‘Good Wife’

Kristin Chenoweth has exited The Good Wife in order to recover fully from the head injury she sustained on set last month.


Metta World Peace Addresses Brutal Elbow to James Harden’s Head

Metta World Peace is currently the number 1 trending topic on Google (Apr.23). His brutal elbow to the head of opposing player James Harden of…