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Trump Is Planning To Cut Medicaid By $800 Billion Affecting 14 Million Americans

14 million Americans are expected to lose coverage under Trump's full budget plan.


New Music: Sneakas “Animal Pharm”

Want to mention real talk? This is where it's at, as rapper Sneakas speaks on the corrupt corporations and those involved in the hustle known…


Why Is Voting In This Year’s Presidential Election So Important?

The nation is buzzing with anxiousness now that the presidential debates have come to an end and Election Day draws near. For the past month,…


Supreme Court Upholds Obama’s Health Care Law

In a landmark Supreme Court showdown, President Obama and Democratic officials finally won in the long battle over the nation's health care law.


Obama And Letterman Deliver Race Humor

Does Barack Obama's health care reform hiccups have anything to do with his pigmentation? The prez says don't be a jackass. Jokes. He didn't say…