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J. Cole Has A Big Fan In Martin Lawrence

Looks like Marty Mart's a Cole fan now!


We’re Still Here: Legendary B-Boys Discuss Breakdancing’s Importance In Hip-Hop

B-boys RoxRite and Ronnie discuss the often-overlooked artform of breakdancing at the inaugural Red Bull BC One Camp in Houston.


10 Lyrics About Education… Because Brown V. Board of Education’s Anniversary

"Education is the stuff that's left in your brain after you forget everything your teacher told you to remember" - Howard Zinn

Music News

Why Hasn’t The Hip-Hop Boom Pushed More Black Executives To The Top?

As hip-hop/R&B dominate pop culture, while people of color are making the most popular music, that doesn't reflect the top executives getting the credit.


‘O, The Oprah Magazine’ Praises Cardi B For ‘Invasion Of Privacy’ Album Release

Questions that need answers: what's Oprah's favorite song off Cardi B's debut album?


Spend A Day In The Life With Logic In ‘Rapture’ Series Trailer

Logic stars in the new hip-hop documentary 'Rapture' with a host of other hip-hop stars.


Rest In Peace: Hip-Hop Reacts To The Death Of Craig Mack

"Thank You For Making One Of The Most Influential Songs Of My Youth."


Fresh Fits: 10 Times Hip-Hop Rocked Givenchy

Hip-hop and the French fashion house go hand-in-hand.

Movies & TV

Dapper Dan’s Sony Biopic Chronicles The “Godfather Of Hip-Hop Fashion”

In its 45-year existence, hip-hop has emerged a pop culture mainstay.


Rep. Hakeem Jeffries Discusses The Power Of Female MCs

When hip-hop and politics meet.


Remy Ma On Women Rappers: “There’s Strength In Numbers”

“There’s strength in numbers..So If I’m doing good, and this girl here is doing good, people will take it more seriously. … "
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