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Salma Hayek On Racist Encounter: “I Felt Sorry For This Person”

Salma Hayek has, too, experienced racism in America.


The Roots Remember High School Talent Shows With Boyz II Men: ‘They Used To Cheat With Glitter!’

It's no secret that The Roots attended the same high school as R&B vocal group Boyz II Men back in the '80s.


Evelyn Lozada on BBW: ‘I Don’t Really See Me Doing a Sixth Season’

Could the Basketball Wives empire soon be just a memory? Evelyn Lozada is the second cast member of the flagship cast to consider…


Is Amanda Bynes Going Crazy? VIBE Music Editor John Kennedy Answers On HuffPost Live (Video)

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Obama Responds to Romney, A Little Late

HuffPost Live reports on Obama response to Mitt Romney's financial plans for the campaign, but we wonder if it's too late of a comeback.