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Hulk Hogan Sleeps With Best Friend’s Wife; Best Friend Says It Was Consensual

Hulk Hogan's "Hulkamania" took a hit after word broke that a secret sex tape featured him sleeping with his best friend's wife. But now, things…


Hulk Hogan Ready To Sue Over Sex Tape Leak

Another day, another celebrity sex tape.


Top Instagram Flicks of the Week

While most of the action was poppin' on Twitter due to Chris Brown's public breakup and Mariah Carey's showdown with Nicki Minaj, other…


The Week’s Best (And Worst) Celebrity Photos: Hillary Clinton, Diddy, Kim K, Bow Wow

What do you get when you have two sex-tape stars, a Toronto rapper on vaca and a group of Rolex-wearing gangsters? VIBE's round-up of the…


Hulk Hogan’s Ex-Wife To Star As “MILF” In New Rap Video

Whatcha gonna do when the 24-inch pythons stop running wild on you?

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Sex-a-Mania! Hulk Hogan Sex Tape Has Hit the Market

Hulk Hogan, one of the most famous professional wrestlers of all time, has an unreleased sex tape floating around the underground porn market.According to TMZ,…


Hulk Hogan Denies Beating Ex-Wife

Hulk Hogan responded to his wife's claims of abuse, which she made yesterday on the TODAY Show. The wrestling icon phoned-in to the Bubba the…
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