ICE Detains A Man Driving His Pregnant Wife To The Hospital

The man is reportedly wanted for murder in Mexico


Undocumented Woman’s Infant Taken Away From Her While Breastfeeding

"I don't think that this represents the values of the American people."


Graco Faces Backlash For Providing Car Seats To ICE’s Detained Children

A photo from a private prison contractor that does business with ICE has resurfaced with more questions than answers.


MS-13 Informant Jailed By ICE, Faces Possible Deportation

Once recruited and helplessly trying to escape from the gang, a Suffolk County homicide detective of Long Island’s Gang Task Force named Angel Rivera approached…


ICE Reportedly Slated To Detain More Undocumented Pregnant Immigrants

"Detention is especially traumatic for pregnant women and even more so for victims of rape and gender-based violence."


Donald Trump Lifts Deportation Protection For Liberians In The U.S.

For Liberians with temporary immigration status, Trump is giving them a year to return to their country before deportation.


Prisoner Hops In A Taxi At JFK Airport And Escapes ICE Custody

Obvisouly the prisoner had other plans.


Border Patrol Defends Ripping Mother From Daughters, Accuse Her Of Running Immigrant Stash House

"It’s not right that she’s been separated from her family as a result of simply being here illegally,” her lawyer said.


Kansas Family Awaits ICE’s Response To A Petition Against Father’s Deportation

While Syed Jamal's children are American citizens, CNN reports his wife is not and may also suffer the same fate as Syed.


Veteran ICE Agent Reveals Racist Practices Used During Deportations

“You have guys who are doing whatever they want in the field, going after whoever they want.”


Panamanian Immigrant Allegedly Dies By Suicide In ICE Custody

Jean Jiménez-Joseph becomes the seventh person to die in ICE custody since October 2016.


More Diamonds: Drake Copped Another Hefty Chain From Ben Baller

After the success of More Life, Drizzy goes shopping for some shiny new accessories.