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Wendy Williams Responds To Reports Of Husband’s Decade-Long Affair

"And if there was hype, believe me you! I would let you know.”


15 Faithful Husbands Who’ve Haven’t Been Caught in Cheating Scandals

Divorce rumors and illegitimate children be damned. There are still celebrity couples with (seemingly) strong relationships and men who (we like to think)…


Should Women In Relationships with Famous Men Expect Infidelity?

-Bené Viera Nostalgia much? Murder Inc.’s Ja Rule and Irv Gotti visited Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club on Thursday to reminisce…


Denzel Washington Rep Denies Divorce Allegations

After celebrating their 30-year marriage with a rare portrait of love on the cover of Ebony magazine (above), rumors of Denzel Washington cheating on his…


Ghost-Hunting Dad Catches Girlfriend Sleeping With Son On Camera

A man in Australia was obsessed with finding ghosts, but instead found a scandal going on in his own home.


3 Things Women Shouldn’t Do After Their Man Cheats

What do you do when you find out your man's been cheating? If you decide to stay, how do you handle it? He promises he'll…


3 Reasons Why You Should Never Snoop Through His Things

The temptation is always there. Whenever he leaves the room or there is an unguarded cell phone or laptop, the urge to snoop is always…


Could Cheating Save Your Relationship?

From UPTOWN--Picture this: you’re crazy about a man who has great husband potential but you rarely see him and sleep with him even less. Or…


Jennifer Williams On Keeping A Marriage Alive After Being Cheated On

Athletes get a bad rap because so many of them do cheat. And I’m sure there are a lot of men who don’t cheat out…


Donell Jones: ‘You’ll Never Know If You Can Trust Someone If You Don’t Let Go’

When you date somebody new and they’ve been through a lot of drama with other relationships, it’s hard for them to give their…


‘Basketball Wife’ Jennifer Williams: ‘I Still Don’t Trust My Husband’

Finding out that your partner is unfaithful is one of the worst feelings in the world, especially when you put so much into…

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Game Recognize Game: Ron Artest Helps Tiger Woods Rebound

Everyone's a prophet these days when it comes to Tiger Woods. But who would think Ron Artest could be the most poignant of all?

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Tiger Woods To Take Hiatus From Golf

Following a string of embarrassing extramarital affairs that have become front page tabloid news, superstar golfer Tiger Woods has released his most contrite statement concerning…