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Kendrick Lamar Says Missy Elliott, Busta Rhymes Inspired His Music Videos

Pretty great inspirations to look up to, if you ask us.


10 Martin Luther King Jr. Inspirational Quotes

The timely release of the film Selma gave us a glimpse into the heart and peace-of-mind Dr. Martin Luther King had while leading the civil rights movement. His strategies and tactics of…


Happy Birthday Russell Simmons: Inspirational Tweets We Love From the OG

Today (Oct. 4) Russell Simmons or @UncleRush (to those of us on Twitter) is celebrating his 57th birthday. The hip hop…


Cute On Coins: ‘On The Run’ Tour Style

 The "On the Run" Tour starts this month and it's going to be bananas. Plus, of course, everyone will be rocking their best concert…


16-Year-Old Florida Teen Graduates From College Before High School

Grace Bush is an inspiration. The intelligent Florida teen did the unthinkable by graduating from college before graduating high school. Last week, Miss Grace…


Pharrell Releases New Book, But Before He Sells It Fans Must Guess The Words

Pharrell is truly an innovator. He'd been teasing the arrival of his new book for days now (how'd he have the time??). Well, he was…


Is Nicki Minaj’s Mom the Next Big Gospel Singer?

Nicki Minaj's mother Carol Maraj has been silently waiting to shock the world. The aspiring gospel singer is ready to take some of her daughter's…


7 Inspirational Books to Get You Through The Winter

  2013 was definitely a tough year for most of us and 2014 will probably have even more in store for…


3 Fashion Rules Every Girl Should Follow This NBA Season

Deciding what to wear to any sporting event is always a challenge for Vixens. You don't want to overdo it, but at the…


Cocktail Tease: Last Minute Halloween Drinks for Your Boo-tiful Party

Not only is it Hump Day, but we're one day away from celebrating Halloween. Last week we shared our scary concoctions using SKYY…


5 Fall Fashion LookBooks From YouTube!

  Fall Fashion means something different to every Vixen. Some look forward to bundling up in chunky sweaters while others turn…


Vixen Inspiration: Mentoring is The Best Way to Give Back

I know you've heard the phrase "give back" numerous times. But what exactly does it mean? There are many ways of…


Vixen Inspiration: Respond to Troubles With Positivity

Situations and circumstances beyond our control happen all the time, but what IS in our control is our response. Too often we (myself…


Vixen Inspiration: To Thine Own Self Be True

Have you ever found yourself in the position of trying to fit into a particular group? So many of us compromise who we…


Vixen Inspiration: Are You Fresh for the Picking?

Sometimes I get really anxious about life. I tend to rush and try to make things happen because I have a personal timetable I must…