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You Need To Listen To This Beyonce-Jay Z Mashup Album

The Internet has some seriously talented people.


Cubans Can Now Access The Internet At Home

Cubans can finally enjoy surfing the web from their living rooms.


Before She Takes The L: 5 Ways Nicki Minaj Can Win The Internet Back

Nicki Minaj possess all the lyrical skill, but will it be enough?


Of Course, Racists Are Angry That The Mall Of America Hired A Black Santa

We see some hearts are stuck two sizes too small.


Why All ‘Internet Gangstas & E-Thugs’ Need To Be Stopped

What is your definition of "e-thuggin’"? You will get a wide array of descriptions, depending on whom you ask. But the universal association is consistent…


What Would You Do? Internet Prank Shows Strangers Stealing Homeless Man’s Yeezys

Nothing like a pair of Kanye West's Red Octobers to question your morals. For comic FouseyTube's latest e-prank, cameras caught unsuspecting strangers trying…


Google Punishes Rap Genius For SEO Violations

Popular lyrics website, Rap Genius, has been hit with the punish baton by Google as the search engine site discovered dubious SEO tricks in the…


Internet Addiction Gets Its Own Treatment Facility

Internet addiction -- it's a real thing. So real that this coming Monday (Sept. 9) the first inpatient treatment program for Internet addiction will open…


Facebook To Introduce Hashtags; Step Up Competition With Twitter

The social media network that got it all up-and-jumping is about to co-opt Twitter's biggest invention. What do you think?!

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Willow Smith Joins ‘Delete Digital Drama’ To Combat Cyber Bullying

Negative comments are a part of the Internet social experience, but the effects of cyber-bullying can be life-altering. Willow Smith and Ashley Benson aim to…


The 29 Best Memes of 2012

As 2012 draws to a close, VIBE trolled the net to replay some of the year's biggest events in meme-ry. Warning: the shade levels may…

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Morgan Freeman, Alfonso “Carlton” Ribeiro Killed By The Internet

The InternetS attempted to claim two more souls for its digital grave.

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Real Life “Project X” Party Goes Viral On Twitter

Nicknamed "Project M," the Twitter-fueled party brought a new meaning to the word "rager"...


The First Photo Uploaded to the Internet

As the Internet approaches its 20th birthday next year, Motherboard has revealed the first photo ever uploaded to the worldwide web. According to the tech…