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Thieves Pull Off Daring $1.5 Million iPad Mini Heist

Two thieves got the haul of a lifetime this week - $1.5 million worth of new Apple products. The crooks apparently broke into a cargo…


The iPad Mini Is Now Available for Purchase

The iPad mini is finally here!

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Apple Unveils iPad Mini; Price Starts At $329!

Fans of Apple were treated to a special unveiling at a highly anticipated event in San Jose, California. We have the details after the jump.


What To (Possibly) Expect From The New iPad Mini

September 12th can't come any sooner. That's when the game-changing Apple press event will take place—announcing the iPhone 5 and possibly other products.


iPad Mini Set to Launch in September

As we try to downsize our regular morning routines and even our carry-all bags, technology once again is taking note. As early as…


iPad Mini 7-Inch Display Concept

Check out these concept designs from Apple's alleged iPad Mini, which may be hitting stores this fall The mock-ups were designed by Federico…