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The Brisk SXSW Takeover That Keeps On Giving

This year was a tremendous one for the annual SXSW Music Festival in Austin, Texas, and VIBE was there every step of the…


Apple Introduces iPad Air

The brand new iPad Air was unveiled at yesterday's Apple event, and it looks like a major improvement on previous generations.


djay 2 App for iPhone and iPad

Want to create the perfect DJ mix straight from you iPhone or iPad? VIBE can help you get started with our upcoming djay…


VIBE’s List Issue (Featuring Kendrick Lamar & Miguel) Now Available On iPad

Kendrick Lamar and Miguel are more than hip-hop and R&B’s men of the moment. They’re the flag bearers for the next generation of musical game…


Buyer’s Guide: Which Tablet Should You Cop?

With more killer features and curves, tablets have evolved from pocket paperweights to necessities. Use this cheat sheet to find out which portable to power…


Stolen iPad Pictures Become Viral

Lesson learned: Steal a lost iPad and your mug could end up on the Internet. Everything’s in the cloud.


Rumor: 5 New Apple Products Coming This Year

How about this for a late Christmas present: 5 new Apple products may be coming this year, including a more affordable iPhone and the long-awaited…


Download VIBE Magazine iPad App & Win Signed David Guetta CD

The VIBE print magazine in a digital and interactive form with retina display optimized photos, full articles, and rich interactive photo gallery and video features.


iPad For Rhinoplasty? The Corrupt Behavior Of Apple Employees Across The U.S.

Smashing iPads for fun? Trading iPods & electronics for plastic surgery? All of this is happening in your local Apple stores—by your friendly Apple sales…


The Ultimate VIXEN Holiday Gift Guide

Christmas is a week-and-a-half away and the gift-giving anxiety is real. No one gives Christmas lists anymore, so finding a good gift (let…


Check Out VIBE Magazine on the iPad!

Vibe now brings the Vibe print magazine in a digital and interactive form with retina display optimized photos, full articles, and rich interactive photo…


The 3 Biggest Rumors About the iPad Mini

News of the iPad mini being unveiled later this month hit the 'Net earlier today, and tech experts are speculating all kinds of new additions…


Barnes & Noble Launches New Nook HD and HD+

Looking for an early Christmas gift for your grandparents? Look no further than the Nook HD. The new Nook is the second version of the…


David Guetta Smartphone Livestream London

Imagine seeing super celebrity DJ David Guetta in the comfort of your own home or even in the palm of your hand. Tomorrow, that dream…


What To (Possibly) Expect From The New iPad Mini

September 12th can't come any sooner. That's when the game-changing Apple press event will take place—announcing the iPhone 5 and possibly other products.
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