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Marvel Reveals 15 Year Old Black Girl Will Serve As New Iron Man

The new superhero, named Riri Williams, is a 15 year old college student at M.I.T and pretty crafty.


The ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Trailer Is Just Too Damn Good

Aside from that one time in band camp, this is the best two minutes of your life.

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Jon Favreau In Talks To Direct Disney’s ‘The Jungle Book’

This move marks the first real family film from the Iron Man director, but can he add a new twist to Rudyard Kipling's acclaimed work?


Jaden Smith Wears Iron Man Suit On Date With Kylie Jenner

Jaden Smith hit the streets of NYC in a pretty wild getup. Will Smith's 14-year-old son, star of the upcoming After…


VV Weekend Guide: 4 Things You Must Do!

You worked hard all week and the weekend is finally here. We live for those two days of relaxation. Sometimes, we get so excited that…

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Rock the Globe: ‘Iron Man 3′ Blasts Into International Theaters

In the latest edition of Rock the Globe, we travel from the White House where President Obama delivered a hilarious speech that shout-out…

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Return of the Summer Blockbuster: Iron Man 3, Lone Ranger, Great Gatsby & More

Last summer The Avengers took in more than a billion dollars worldwide at the box office. Comic books come back to life, along…

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Stan Lee To Be Deposed In Lawsuit With Disney

The comic book legend who co-created such legendary characters that you know and love will be deposed next week in a billion-dollar lawsuit against Disney.


Avengers Assemble! 5 Awesome Rappers Turned Into Superheroes

Rap is music's ultimate bloodsport. It is a place where only the strongest survive and the weak are made to submit themselves to WorldStarHipHop. The…

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Ben Affleck In Talks To Direct “Justice League” Movie

It looks like Warner Bros. and DC Comics may be finally ready to go toe-to-toe with Walt Disney Pictures and Marvel by launching its own…

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Iron Man 3 Villain Revealed?

The upcoming Iron Man 3 movie already has people guessing who the new villains could be.

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‘Avengers’ Sequel Already in the Works

Disney CEO, Bob Iger, has announced that there will be a sequel to The Avengers.

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‘Avengers’ Opens With $200 Million Weekend, Breaks Box Office Records

The Avengers has knocked all other films out of the box and made history with its $200.3 million in opening sales, making it the highest…


Rumor Control: Nas x Child Support, Kim Kardashian x Death Threats, Lawrence Taylor Locked Up For Rape?!

Pharrell parties with Obama, Oprah for Cinco De Mayo. [Miss Jia] Iron Man has already earned $120 million. [Just Jared] Is Lawerence Taylor being set…