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Jaimee Foxworth: ‘Family Matters’ Cast Member Fumes Over Lack Of Invitation To Reunion

Jaimee Foxworth feels snubbed for not being included in the 'Family Matters' reunion with 'Entertainment Weekly.'


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With her erratic behavior lately, Amanda Bynes (of Nickelodeon fame) has been labeled everything under the sun. While no one knows exactly what's happening, one…


Child Star Jaimee Foxworth Gets Restraining Order Against Boyfriend

Former Family Matters actress Jaimee Foxworth has been granted a restraining order against her allegedly abusive boyfriend.


How Did Family Matters’s Judy End Up In Porn?

Since vanishing from under Carl Winslow's roof as youngest child Judy, Jaimee Foxworth has done quite the maturing. The actress resurfaced years later, making her…