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Will Smith Says He Would Take On Role Of Uncle Phil In Possible ‘Fresh Prince’ Reboot

The reported reboot looks more promising everyday.

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‘The Fresh Prince’ Cast Keeps James Avery’s Spirit Alive During Touching Reunion

First thing's first, rest in peace, Uncle Phil.


Will Smith’s Bungee Jumping Selfie Looks A Lot Like Uncle Phil

This picture has our emotions flipped, turned upside down.


James Avery’s Death Certificate Reveals Serious Medical Issues Before Death

James Avery was reportedly suffering from a series of medical problems before his death. According to TMZ, the actor best known for his role as…


More Than Uncle Phil: 7 Other Roles That James Avery Played

When different news outlets started reporting the death of 65-year-old James Avery on Wednesday, you probably had the same exact reaction that everyone else had:…


James Avery, Uncle Phil From ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel AIr,’ Dies At Age 65

Beloved actor James Avery has died after complications following open-heart surgery late Tuesday (Dec. 31), CNN reports.


James Avery, Uncle Phil From ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel AIr,’ Dies at Age 65

Uncle Phil will be missed! According to TMZ, James Avery died last night (December 31) at a Los Angeles hospital. The 65 year…


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