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Allow James Fauntleroy To Soften The Mood Of The Day With “Crying Upside Down”

The singer-songwriter frees up some smooth new tunes.


Stream James Fauntleroy’s Heartfelt EP, ‘DOJO’

The singer/songwrtier delivers more free music with his latest EP.


More Cuffing Season Music: James Fauntleroy’s ‘Warmest Winter II’

The Grammy award winner delivers 5 new songs for the holidays.


Lil Durk, Talib Kweli & James Fauntleroy’s Black “Eyes” Are The Truth

Lil Durk, Talib Kweli and Fauntleroy get together for a moving song.


Change It Up: James Fauntleroy’s “Fuc Shi Tup”

Singer comes through with a new song with an uptempo vibe.


Hit Boy and James Fauntleroy Flip 90s Classic, “I Love Your Smile”

The fellas take it back for their track, "That's What I Get."


James Fauntleroy’s “Broken Heart Broken Eyes” Will Help Cure Love Sickness

The singer/songwriter extraordinaire releases a new tearjerker.


James Fauntleroy Asks For Just A Little ‘Help’

Fauntleroy season is upon us.


Fall In Love With India Shawn And James Fauntleroy’s ‘One Sun’

Love just keeps coming your way whether you received it on Valentine’s Day or not.


Listen To James Fauntleroy’s Free Album ‘The Warmest Winter Ever’

Setting the tone for this holiday season, James Fauntleroy plays Santa Clause and delivers a new album titled, The Warmest Winter Ever. With a working…


New Music: James Fauntleroy ‘Mo’nin’

Crazy-haired crooner James Fauntleroy has returned to provide chill melodies for the summer. The Cali native takes the acoustic ballad out for a spin as…


Vixen Boombox: James Fauntleroy – ‘Mon’in’

It seems that singing, songwriting, and producing for artist like Chris Brown, Drake, Justin Timberlake and Jhene Aiko hasn’t slowed down James Fauntleroy…


New Music: James Fauntleroy ‘CPR’

James Fauntleroy's recent barrage of acoustic jams doesn't seem like it will end anytime soon. Last night, the Grammy Award-winning songwriter’s let a new ballad…


Listen: James Fauntleroy Sings About Continuous Love On ‘Year Round’

James Fauntleroy gave us a treat earlier today with "Peace," but he decided to keep the goods coming. The singer-songwriter croons about making room for…
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