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JAY-Z and Beyonce Have Rebranded Themselves As Vulnerable, Endearing Superstars

The Carters have been peeling back the curtains in all facets of their empire.

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JAY-Z Awarded Cannes Lions Grand Prix For “Smile” Music Video

Other nominees included Kendrick Lamar, Logic, A$AP Rocky, and Drake.


JAY-Z Is Now Puma’s Creative Director Of Basketball Operations

JAY-Z will reignite his sports management passion by having an integral role in selecting athletes to represent Puma's basketball sector.

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Did JAY-Z Address Kanye West Again On ‘Everything Is Love’?

Fans think lines on two of Hov's singles are geared towards Ye.


Twitter Reacts To The Carters’ Surprise Album, ‘Everything Is Love’

"Beyoncé has all six infinity stones," tweeted one fan. "Beyoncé is the greatest rapper alive don’t @ me," proclaimed another.


Watch JAY-Z & Beyonce’s New “Ape Sh*t” Music Video

Put some respect on The Carters' checks.


JAY-Z Sued Over Royalties From Debut Album ‘Reasonable Doubt’

Damon Dash and Kareem Burke are also being sued.


Beyoncé & Jay Z’s Intimate OTR II Photos Spark Backlash

There were other photos that were also just as captivating.


Beyonce And JAY-Z Announce Charitable Campaign For Free ‘On The Run II’ Tickets

The iconic pair plan to instill a charitable spirit in future attendees.

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DJ Khaled Joins Beyonce & JAY-Z For On The Run II Tour

Khaled and Chloe x Halle will reportedly be openers for the power couple.

Music News

JAY-Z Preserves Win In Court Over “Big Pimpin'” Sample

The dispute over the 1999 sample has been one of the longest lawsuits and battles in entertainment history.
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