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15 Great Hollywood Father-Son Duos You Might Not Know

That old adage, "Like father, like son," holds true for Hollywood, not just Lil Wayne and his daddy. In Tinsel Town, it's not unusual to…

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Disney Hires New Writer For “Tron 3″; Gets Serious About Project

It doesn't matter that Disney shelled out $8 billion dollars to acquire Lucasfilm, the House of Mouse is proving it hasn't forgotten about its other…

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‘Tron: Legacy’s’ Jeff Bridges on playing his younger self: “It was bizarre”

Tron: Legacy hits theaters December 17th and the story buried within this sci-fi tale of a son looking for his dad that got sucked into…

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3 Hot Films of Comic Con 2010: Resident Evil, Red & Tron 2 (VIDEO)

The audience may have long left the building of the San Diego Convention Center where the 2010 Comic Con was held, but the previews…