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Jamie Foxx’s Daughter Follows in Her Father’s Foot Steps

Looks like Corinne Foxx is making a graceful entry into the entertainment industry. (Like daddy, like daughter.) Yesterday (Mar. 24), the Oscar-winner's daughter landed a…


Jesse Eisenberg Channels His ‘Social Network’ Role As He Destroys Interviewer

Jesse Eisenberg may not have been acting all that much when he played the harsh, sarcastic Mark Zuckerberg in his breakout role in…

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TRAILER: Morgan Freeman Attempts To Stop Bank Robbing Houdini’s In “Now You Can See Me”

Learn how to make a million dollars disappear after the jump!

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Aziz Ansari Talks Shooting ’30 Minutes or Less’ With Jesse Eisenberg And Danny McBride

The only man to have a cameo in Jay and Kanye's "Otis" video... oh yeah, and co-star of the new comedy 30 Minutes or Less…

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Did Nicki Minaj’s ‘Bride Of Blackenstein’ Skit Go Too Far?

Nicki Minaj flexed her acting skills on a couple of Saturday Night Live skits last Saturday but it seems that one skit in particular is…